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Menu and FAQ's below:

Wine Dinner FAQ's

What time should I arrive for the dinner?
The dinner presentation begins at 7:00, we recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early.

How does a wine dinner differ from a traditional dinner?
Our wine dinners include a presentation about the winery and wines from someone associated with the winery, usually a owner, winemaker, or national sales representative.  The presenter will usually speak for 5-10 minutes prior to the meal and at various times throughout the meal.

Can I substitute items from the set menu?
Our culinary team creates a menu specifically to pair with the featured wines of the evening.  If you do require a substitution from the pre-set menu we ask for a 24-hour notice to accomodate it.

Is there a dress code for wine dinners?
No, we do not have a dress code at the restaurant.

How much wine comes with the dinner?
Our typical wine dinner is four courses, with corresponding wines to accompany each course.  If one wine is offered with a course, it will be a 5-oz pour.  If two wines are offered with a course, it will be a 2.5-oz pour of each.  If more wines are offered it will be divided equally to achieve a total of 5 ounces per course.  If fortified wines like port are offered, they will be a standard 2 ounce pour.  Additional glasses can be purchased for a set price. 

Can I purchase additional bottles to take home from the wine dinner?
We cannot sell wines for take-home from the restaurant.  We can, however, arrange to place an order through a local liquor store that you can pick up and pay for there.